Best Sex Toys to Buy

My wife and I have not really been having sex very much recently, and it is kind of a shame. I am not sure what is wrong with our sex life, but something needs to change, because I know that this lack of sex has been hard on both of us. I am trying to think of some ways to make things better, and more interesting in the bedroom. One potential solution that I have in mind is to buy vibrators and I think that it could really help if we were to buy some sex toys to use.

I am not sure which ones would be best though, and what sort of toys my wife would be open to trying out. It is not something that we have ever discussed before, and I guess that she is a modest kind of girl. Read more »

Looking for Just the Right House

I am looking around for a house that fits my immediate needs and one where there is a good opportunity to turn a profit if I am wise about the process of fixing it up. That is not as simple as a lot of people make it out when they are hyping up things for their reality TV show. For instance you have to think about stuff like the mechanical systems in a house. If you buy a house that needs a new HVAC installation in NYC, then you are going to be going really deep in the hole over that. It is going to be expensive, something in the area of five thousand dollars in fact. A house obviously needs to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, people in the USA expect to comfortable all year around. That is one of the things that separates us from the Third World countries, that and the fact that we have the money to spend on this sort of thing.

At any rate you have to figure out what makes sense in a variety of contexts. Read more »

A Little Tip on Traveling to Bali

You will require bali travel to navigate the island’s countless points of interest. You can still arrange your own itinerary but that will take some time to complete. The Island of Gods has so many things and places to enjoy that you might find it difficult to thoroughly visit them one by one. A travel can help you simplify everything by focusing on the island’s major places of interest. This way, you may not lose the chance to enjoy things that are popular as your visit might get far off track if there are too many places to drop by but there is so little time to do so. Tour and travel packages are also typically more affordable in their price as a lot of said places of interest apply some competitive discounts for those who travel in group. But if you travel alone, there might be good in asking for the travel guide to fix you as part of another larger group or to offer you individual packages. Whichever it is that you prefer and choose, your trip to the Island of Gods should never be interrupted with the thought of having to arrange itinerary at the last minute.

As such, it is of great importance for you to learn things about Bali and its culture. Of course, in doing so, you open yourself to more options of places of interest to visit but you do need to curb your enthusiasm. Traveling without clear and obvious destination is not only reckless but also inefficient in terms of cost. You better start with what becomes your primary interest; is it beaches, temples, or traditional markets, or even palaces? Make a to do list and develop a clear outline out of that list. This helps narrow down the number of places you should visit.

After you are done with structuring the major places of interest to visit, review the itinerary once again. If there is still some space to cramp things to, add more points of interest. Match that list to what certain travel office has to offer their clients. Of course you need to do your research in finding reliable and trusted travel agents to be able to do this. Also, some compromise might be needed as said travel agents may not have the kind of list you have in your hands. So find out what doesn’t add up and you can try to find a way to still visit that place the travel agent cannot help with.

Using a Party Bus to Honor Heroes Who Served

I like to make people feel special. I think it is important to take an interest in someone’s life and do things to brighten their day or influence a change in the course of their lives for the better. I think we should also celebrate milestones a whole lot more. Human beings need an incentive to do things, and it has to be more than just for money or power. We are each other’s responsibility. The latest thing I was involved in with my wife was to rent a limo from We got one that the guests of honor could easily get in and out of. This is important because a lot of them are older and need assistance getting around.

We were honoring veterans of all ages at a party. They are veterans from our small community. I had no idea there were so many. We went out of our way to make sure we got everyone in our community that is a current or former veteran. Read more »

Retail Solutions Advisors can handle all of your commercial real estate development needs

Commercial real estate is most definitely a fun, fast-paced and fascinating endeavor. It is something that once you start, it is hard to stop because one kind of commercial property development or ownership leads to another and another and before long you have a whole herd of commercial properties that are in various stages of development and production – completely exciting.

The flip side of all this fun and excitement, though, is the risk outlay. You have opportunity to reap great rewards from commercial real estate, but also have the opportunity to take on great risk that could potentially wipe you out…very exciting. So the best in this business put together a rock star team from the beginning that can cover all the bases. That can be a little hard to do if you’re just starting out though. Even if you’ve been in the business for a while, you could find putting together and keeping together your own internal team a little difficult while you try and concentrate on your real estate business. Double-edged swords everywhere.

But having a team that is already in place and that makes commercial real estate in all its glory their only focus – that is putting together a team that makes total sense. That established team and you – your energy, your goals, and your individual property acquisitions – means you will be getting ahead faster than you would ever hope to do alone. One such team in Florida is Retail Solutions Advisors. In fact, all throughout the Southeastern United States, Retail Solutions Advisors is teaming up with those who want to get the most out of their real estate development opportunities for the last couple of years, putting their associated century of combined experience to work for those who choose to partner with them.

For real estate development, the risks go up exponentially so having the best team working with you and for you is essential. With Retail Solutions Advisors, you get the services of a project manager, a budget expert, someone who understands architects and can help you find the right one for your project as well as getting along with contractors while also keeping them marching along to timeline and budget. You also get people who know local regulations, laws, codes, inspections and compliance inside and out. This expertise is invaluable as you move the project along and can keep you from going down the wrong path, having to back up and punt when you least can afford such an error.

Planning can mean the world is yours with a real estate development project, or the lack of it can spell disaster in the making. Retail Solutions Advisors understand planning and can help you walk through every step in the process that you need. Your learning curve just got a whole lot shorter with Retail Solutions Advisors. You also get to avoid trying to clone yourself when you’re working with Todd Maxwell and his team at RSA. You no longer have to be everywhere at one time – Retail Solutions Advisors is there to help you wherever you need them.

There are few companies that can help you with your commercial real estate development project in Florida than Retail Solutions Advisors. Call today to learn more.

The Value Of Living In A Golf Community Home

Ever wondered how the ultra-rich like to live? Not all of them prefer living in mansions or palatial homes. Some of them like to stay huddled close to nature and likeminded individuals. It is for such people that upscale residential properties like Virginia golf communities are created. From great ambiance to serene living, the features are many of living in a golf community home. Here are some exclusive features that living in a golf community home will reward you with.

Immeasurable luxury: Golf community homes exude luxury of the highest order. They are built using the finest furnishings and are adorned with fine lifestyle furniture that will make your daily living not only comfortable but also luxurious. It is a prestige to live in a gold community home. The very address is more than sufficient to garner attention from those around.

Ultimate privacy: Living in golf communities will give you the best privacy possible. There are no pesky neighbours who want to know what you do in your daily life. No miscreants who intrude into your private property. Nor the honk and snarl of traffic that ruins your peace of mind. There is complete privacy to be enjoyed in full glory at a golf community.

Access to golf course all day long: What can be a better way of living than having an unlimited golf court access for the entire day. Not only can you walk out to play some shots but you can also attend to your home business at leisure without any difficulty.

Who can opt for living in golf communities?

A living in golf communities are much suited for the below mentioned people:

  • Retirees who want to live in seclusion but amidst friendly neighbours,
  • Those who love to live amidst natural surroundings and ambiance,
  • Those who have an undying passion for playing golf,
  • Those who want to live the rest of their lives like a vacation.

Living in a golf community brings with a host of benefits that one cannot find in any other form of residential property. From the endless luxury to perfect serenity, the benefits are plenty for someone who wants to live in a golf community.

A gold community property is definitely going to cost you much more than an ordinary mansion in an upscale locality. However, the price is worth it, since the standard of living is definitely a notch higher than the usual.

Working Harder in School Allowed Me to Get a Nice Place to Live

After graduation, I was ready to ditch living with others. I lived with five roommates during all four years of getting my first degree. It was a rough way to get through school when you’re the only one who cares about peace and quiet. When I decided to go for my Master’s degree, I rented a place with just one other roommate. I did this so that I could try to find the ability to focus more. After graduation, I wanted to look at one bedroom apartments in Columbia SC because after graduation, I had no need to live with anyone else at all.

After going through a lot of interviews, I found myself hoping that the job offers I would receive would be those that would help me start out my career with decent pay. I had too many friends who struggled to pay their bills with only a four year degree. They all had to spend many years working their way up the career ladder at the companies they chose to be employed by. Read more »

Unique Hotels in San Francisco

San Francisco dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi is a peninsula cozily nestled along the Pacific Ocean gifted with hilly terrain, history, and an endless array of activities to enjoy. “City by the Bay” is blessed with restaurants, bars, shops, diners, tourist attractions, and best hotels in San Francisco. Our travel guide will reveal some of the unique accommodations for that perfect stay!

Unique Hotels in San Francisco

Hotel Monaco

This unusual resort is located in the Tenderloin District. What makes this hotel unique is the canopy beds with quirky stripes and innovative art dine by rock stars. You can enjoy free wine and cheese hour in the afternoons that comes with a shoulder massage.

The Ritz-Carlton for Romance

The Ritz-Carlton is Nob Hill classic for a romantic getaway. Take a stroll with your partner only to return to its comfortable bed and marble bath; later enjoy the chocolates waiting on the pillows.

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental as the name suggests replicates the oriental charm with its Asian décor in rooms and surroundings. Relieve your stress by soaking in the marble bath. Enjoy the magnificent views of the bay from the comforts of your room. Take a spa to enjoy the rejuvenating Thai massage.

The Whitcomb

The Whitcomb brings alive the Victorian era with its stained-glass windows and high cathedral ceilings. The Victorian rooms have been upgraded to suit the comforts of modern traveler. The hotel is conveniently located near the BART that allows swift and easy travel in the city.

Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf

Enjoying a vacation with your family? Live in the Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf, which is situated at a walking distance of the famous family attractions such as the Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghiradelli Square. The rooms are spacious and comfortable to adjust the whole family.

Petite Auberge- Boutique hotels in San Francisco

Centrally located in the Union Square, Petite Auberge is perfect choice for the business traveler. The French provincial décor including cozy hearth and floral wallpaper add boutique charm to this hotel.   Don’t miss the French breakfast, afternoon wine and cheese hours at the hotel. To sweat out your tired body use the 24-hour fitness center and enjoy a lavish spread at excellent dining options.

Palace Hotel

For rejuvenating your senses, it is wise to book your room at this premium hotel and be pampered at the Palace Spa. Later, take a dip in their eucalyptus sauna, indoor whirlpool, or the heated pool.

Hotel Diva

Seeking comfort in ultra-modern design and architecture accommodation? Welcome to Hotel Diva!!! The rooms are spacious with minimalist décor, stainless steel headboards, and free high-speed internet. What’s more, the reasonable room tariff will add to the charm of this place.

Hotel Nikko- A Foodie’s Paradise

The calm air in the Union Square draw visitors, however, the show stopper is the gourmet hotel Nikko that has Anzu with a master sushi bar compelling the food connoisseurs to visit it time and again.

With this amazing list of hotels in San Francisco, staying in comfort and enjoying life can be easy!

Protaras Villa Rentals

If you want all of the benefits of Protaras’ family-friendly atmosphere without having to endure the crowds and party culture of the hotels, consider renting a quiet and comfortable villa during your next trip. Most Protaras villa rentals are reasonably priced and are often within walking distance of the town center and the miles of award-winning beaches, which the area is famous for.

Unlike many areas of Cyprus, the resort area of Protaras is a relatively new development. The first tourist hotels and apartments appeared in the late 70’s and it soon began to attract thousands of visitors each season. There aren’t as many historical or cultural sightseeing opportunities within Protaras as you may find in other part of the island, but such offerings are within easy reach by car or tour bus, and Protaras makes up for its lack of historical identity with a vibrant and flourishing modern culture, water sports, active nightlife, and sunny beaches.

In fact, the beaches in Protaras are considered to be some of the best on the entire island. Besides Protaras Beach itself, sunbathers and swimmers may want to explore Fig Tree Bay on which a single fig tree stands above a pleasant crescent of white sand and shallow water, or Konnos beach whose waters are still enough to provide an excellent opportunity for paragliding, motor boating, or jet skiing. The water quality is fantastic in most areas around Protaras and the clear blue waters also offer snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Renting your own villa not only allows easy access to these recreational opportunities but gives you a place to come back to in the evening and truly enjoy time alone or with your family. The privacy and quiet atmosphere can provide a welcome retreat from the activity of the resort area and you will find the freedom and intimacy of staying in a home away from home is very relaxing. Villas are equipped with full kitchen facilities, and many have outdoor grills if you prefer eating in to dining out. Many also have pools of their own. If you are concerned about the cost of renting your own villa, not to worry, villas are an economical option for visitors. Large families or groups will find that Protaras villa rentals allow more space at a lower cost than a hotel or beach front apartment without sacrificing any of the amenities of those facilities. The flexibility of being able to cook also provides an economical alternative to dining out every night.

So if you are considering a visit to Protaras, make sure you are able to enjoy the area to its fullest by considering one of the many excellent Protaras villa rentals that are available throughout the season. Whether you come alone, or are enjoying Cyprus with a group of family or friends, the solitude and flexibility that comes from renting your own private home and the quick access to beaches and other amenities will make your stay more enjoyable and memorable.

Bodas Exclusivas En Espaa Esplendor Romano En El Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella

El Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella () ha sido anfitrin de algunas de las bodas ms exquisitas de Espaa. Son muchas las razones por las que numerosas parejas lo eligen como lugar de celebracin de su da de ensueo, entre ellas la situacin, las vistas, una atencin de 5 estrellas y excepcionales facilidades organizativas. Sin embargo, es su anfiteatro romano, nico en su especie en todo el pas, lo que realmente diferencia al Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella de otros lugares de celebracin de enlaces.

Al buscar localizaciones para bodas en Espaa, una pareja exigente aspira a un lugar que, como el Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella, est por encima del resto, para lograr as un evento con clase inolvidable. La envidiable situacin del Hotel Villa Padierna Marbella, a la cabeza de los exclusivos hoteles de la Costa del Sol, se convertir en un escenario deslumbrante para ese da tan especial, y la impecable atencin recibida har de este da una experiencia de 5 estrellas tanto para los novios como para sus invitados. Un equipo dedicado exclusivamente a la organizacin de bodas se preocupa de que hasta el ms mnimo detalle sea tenido en cuenta, desde la primera reunin hasta el da de la celebracin. Una cocina gourmet garantiza que la recepcin se culmine con un catering de la ms alta calidad.

Posiblemente sea el anfiteatro romano la ms admirable de todas las instalaciones que convierten al Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella en el lugar de celebracin de las bodas ms exclusivas en Espaa. Este espacio arquitectnico abierto y aadido al hotel ha sido diseado para evocar el esplndido ambiente de la antigua Roma. El anfiteatro se ha construido siguiendo la forma circular y utilizando piedra clsica y mrmol, y se ha rodeado de impresionantes pilares. Las formidables dimensiones, permitiendo que hasta 400 personas se puedan acomodar sentadas, y la maravillosa iluminacin consiguen obtener lo mximo de este espacio nico durante toda la velada. Una boda en el nico anfiteatro romano de Espaa, rodeado de frondosos jardines, fuentes y estatuas, se convierte en una experiencia realmente inolvidable. Para descubrir ms sobre bodas en un esplendor clsico visite .

Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella

El hotel de cinco estrellas gran lujo en Marbella, Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella ofrece una atencin personalizada y los mejores servicios de la Costa del Sol. Situado en el complejo Flamingos Golf, sus dos campos de 18 hoyos lo convierten en uno de los principales hoteles de golf en Marbella, y su impresionante Thermae Spa est considerado uno de los mejores y ms exclusivos spas de Marbella.

Este hotel es adems un lugar ideal para la celebracin de conferencias en Marbella, perfecto para eventos corporativos y celebraciones especiales como bodas, aniversarios, viajes de incentivo y presentaciones de producto en la Costa del Sol, con sus ms de 1000 metros cuadrados de salones y terrazas y su deslumbrante anfiteatro Romano.
Hotel Villa Padierna, Ctra. de Cdiz Km 166, Urbanizacin Flamingos Golf, 29679 Marbella, Espaa
T +34 952 88 9150 | F +34 952 88 9160

Nota del Editor: Hotel Villa Padierna est representado por los especialistas en marketing digital y SEO provider Jumping Spider Media. Por favor, dirija sus consultas de prensa a Louise Byrne. Email: o llame a los telfonos: +44 (0)20 3070 1959 / +34 952 783 637.

Villa to Rent in Costa Brava

The simple things you might want to consider

Apart from considering the size, location and the security within a villa you are about to rent for your Costa Brava holidays, a few other important aspects need to be considered to ensure that what you get is an ultimate experience during the holidays.

Style: everybody is looking for something stylish to associate with nowadays and even when renting a villa in Costa Brava, the style is something that you want to consider. The character and location of the property will determine its style and the same goes to the look you feel works best for you. It is always best when you have a villa you love for the holidays from every angle of looking at it. For instance a villa with a well coordinated interior dcor will always warm you up upon arriving from a busy day.

Cleanliness: a fresh and well kept property is the liked byeverybody and hence it is something you need to consider. Cleanliness is essential in as far as your health is concerned and you can look at things such as the condition of appliances and windows, the bathrooms and even the kitchens. You do not want to end up in a villa where you have to start with cleaning all the areas before you can start enjoying the holiday. A good villa is one that is ready and waiting for your occupation.

Pools and gardens: they stand to be the selling point of most villas in Costa Brava and offer you the privacy and enjoyment that you need. A garden should contain a barbeque and furniture to make it worth and the pool should have a heating system so that you are assured of enjoying your favorite activity even during those cold days during the holiday. If you are taking children with you, you might also want to make sure that the pool is child friendly.

The bathrooms: a villa rental simply means that you are taking a number of people with you for the holidays. The bathrooms are some of the most important to consider more than the bedrooms and this is because you do not want to end up making a queue waiting to use the bathroom. A good villa should have several bathrooms all in good condition and with fresh towels, shower units and decorations which keep them looking good.

If you are looking for a luxurious villa for holidays Click this and Get more information on rental villas.

Read my blog :- .

Why Buy Pool Villa Hua Hin In Thailand

Hua Hin is of the famous beach resorts of Thailand. It stands apart as of the places closely associated with the Thai Royalty. The city is an ideal combination of the ancient culture and the modernity. The city has lots of things to offer to the visitors ranging from lots of activities to indulge in like the fishing, sporting, shopping, and enjoying local flavors to the being so close to the nature. No wonder why so lots of tourists flock to the district city round the year. Also, there are so lots of who select the city as an option for their second home. When it comes to housing, there are lots of options for pool villa hua hin on the market that you can find in the city. You can basically discover a luxury pool villa huahin on the market in different localities in the city as per your choice. Whatever it is, the city is going to enrich your staying experience over there.
You can also go for different condominium Hua Hin to enjoy your stay in luxurious surroundings. The exclusive pool villas in the golf work are there to provide you a great view golf work with all the space needed to enjoy your stay. Whether it is the giant living area or the luxury in your living area, it’s all. What more, all the four bedrooms and four bathrooms come fully furnished, and the European kitchen fully equipped with all the modern amenities you will require in your stay. All this is set to be definite you have a comfortable and pleasant stay in the city. There are lots of individuals who prefer the condominium Hua Hin to enrich their lives. These are situated ten minutes to the Hua Hin town and around five minutes to the beach. You can also feel boosted about the private huge swimming pool. With all this, you can be definite to be close to the Brother Nature and simultaneously enjoying the flavors of all the modern amenities to assist you. Investing in a condominium Hua Hin is of the best decisions so lots of people prefer to do.
So, next time you come to Hua Hin leave in this pool side villas play golf in your hua hin villa & enjoy to your fullest together with your relatives & friends.

Standard Procedure In Renting A Villa In Bali

Welcome to Bali.

Spending your holiday with the entire family member or best friends in Bali has become a favor. For those, who has not familiar yet of staying in a private villa – especially in Bali Island, I do hope that this information will be your short guide for a brief view of a relaxing and memorable holiday in this beautiful island.

Upon your arrival at the villa, your agent representative and the villa staff will greet you with a welcome drink, cool towel and canaps (for some villas). It is obligated that you give the villa manager / supervisor all passports for the police registration as a required formality of the Indonesian Government. This normally chargeable at IDR 25,000 (USD 3) per passport, but some villas they offer this service at fee of charge. The staff will return the passports within 1 – 2 hours.

It is recommended for you to give a cash deposit for the first two days meals to the villa manager, at the beginning of the stay. All drinking water in villas in Bali is bottled and most use bottled water for ice. The renter will purchase the remaining food, bottled water, and personal supplies for the duration of the stay in the villa. Bali has many imported packaged foods (Italian pastas, breakfast cereals, snacks, chips and cookies. Also, an exotic variety of local fresh fruits and vegetables are available as well as local and imported beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, etc. Fresh fish is also available (Red Snapper, prawns, squid, tuna, crab, and lobster are Bali specialties). You may ask your staff assistance to purchase certain food, or you are free to go yourself.

The Standard Procedure For Purchasing Food Whilst Staying At A Villa:

– Please consult the cook or the villa manager regarding your meals schedule each day. You can either give the cook a list of meals and foods (matching the cook specialties) or chose meals from the villa menu with payment for the shopping. Approximately IDR 1,000,000 (USD 100) should cover the initial shopping for a party up to 6 people for each day, depending on the chosen meals. The cook will get back to you with the receipts and change from the bill, if there is any. Most villas add a certain amount up to 20% on top of the groceries bill for this service.

– If your villa does not include cooking and you will be preparing your own food, the maid or staff members of the villa can do the shopping.

Depending on the villa service, most villas in Bali has now provide a Wi-Fi internet connection either it is fully complimentary, free for limited voucher or chargeable. However, if the villa does not have an internet connection, there are an abundance of internet cafes in the tourist areas also that provide broadband service.

Most villa rentals have a full staff including daily maid service and housekeeping, which includes making the beds, cleaning the rooms and laundry. The sheets are usually changed at least every two or three days. Sometimes, the laundry fee for personal clothing items is an extra fee, depending to villa policy. Also, most of the upper scale villas include cooking with a trained cook. The staff schedules vary in each villa also. The normal working hour is 8 hour per day. However, the staff members are willing to rotate their usual hours in a reasonable time frame to meet your needs as guests. We do advise that if you employ any staff members more than 8 hours per day, that you give them a separate tip of US$ 3- Rp. 30,000 for each extra hour they assist at the villa. Villas also include gardener and night security also, depending on the type of villa you have rented. There is usually a staff member with the villa that can do errands for the guests, such as deliver messages, pick up packages, transport items, etc. too.

PLEASE NOTE: Staff members are present for your service, with a smile. Balinese and Indonesians are friendly, helpful, and courteous (and very sweet). Kindly please keep in mind that they are not your slaves and come from a proud culture and highly religious culture. Sometimes, some staff members will be obliged to attend village religious ceremonies. They will inform guests of religious holidays, in advance (hopefully). Usually the staff tries to rotate their schedule to accommodate the guests during religious holidays. We apologize for any inconvenience. Staff members are also willing to share ceremonies, dances and traditional activities with you, if you show an interest. They would be honored and delighted to accompany you as a guest of the local village.

Most villas do not include baby-sitting services. Sometimes a maid can also perform this job, but an arrangement about hours and pay must be agreed upon prior to this service.

Please do not leave valuables, passports, jewelry, or money out in the open. Indonesia is a Third-World country. Although stealing is not a common activity, it DOES and CAN happen if there is temptation. Your agency or the owner of the villa is NOT responsible for items or money that may be missing. It is advised to lock all valuables. Safe deposit boxes are provided by banks or some Business Center in Seminyak. Most villas do provide a safe box or lock box or drawer for guests’ valuables.

In most villas, Baby-sitting can be arranged for staff members to participate during the daytime hours. Often too, staff’s members of the villas will offer to baby-sit in the evenings (at an extra fee). However, should you need to arrange for outside baby-sitting services, please feel free to contact us at Bali Bagus Holiday.

It is recommended that the staff receive equal tips for their services AT THE END OF YOUR STAY at IDR 100,000 to 150,000 (USD 10 to 15) per staff per week. If a particular staff has excelled in performance, you may give more to that staff.

We hope that you find the adventure of discovering this island, a memorable and enjoyable one while staying at a private villa.

Paramount Golfforeste – Villas, Suite & Studio Apartments At Greater Noida

PARAMOUNT GROUP – golfforeste integrated Township spread over 100 acres presents Luxurious Furnished Duplex Villas at the Price of Apartment with a Unique Master Plan (a Low Density Development).

PARAMOUNT GROUP – golfforeste a new Residential Gated Community located at Sector Site-C, Opp. Zeta, Greater Noida on 130M Wide Noida-Ghaziabad-Greater Noida Expressway.


All Villas around 6 HOLES EXECUTIVE GOLF COURSE or LUSH GREEN FOREST to get a warmth of the Golf Course Ownership.
Best of Luxury Facilities: Price inclusive of Modular Kitchen, Chimney, Hob, Cupboard, Lights & Fans
The Villa Owner gets the Land + Roof Top with Self Independent Privacy at affordable prices.
Specially Designed Play Area for Kids, Club, Swimming Pool, Commercial & Shopping Zone, 100% Power Back-up, Rain Water Harvesting Systems, R.O. Water Provision in Each Villa


Enjoying Good Connectivity from Noida & Ghaziabad:
130M Wide Road Noida-Ghaziabad-Greater Noida Hi-way
Noida-Greater Noida Wi-Fi Expressway with fully developed sectors.

Apartment Size:

SUITES: 715 Sqft
STUDIO:375 Sqft


Construction Link Plan: Rs. 3000/- + Extra Charges
Flexi Link Plan: Rs. 2900/- + Extra Charges

Villa Size:

G+1 Villa 78.0 Sq. Yds = 1507 Sq. Ft. (2 Bedroom + 1 Bedroom)
G+2 Villa 78.0 Sq. Yds = 1742 Sq. Ft. (3 Bedroom + Servant Room)
G+1 Villa 86.6 Sq. Yds = 1450 Sq. Ft. (3 Bedroom + Utility Area)
G+2 Villa 108.0 Sq. Yds = 2185 Sq. Ft. (4 Bedroom + Servant Room) {Golf/Forest Facing}
G+2 Villa 108.0 Sq. Yds = 2452 Sq. Ft. (4 Bedroom + Servant Room)
G+2 Villa 157.4 Sq. Yds = 3008 Sq. Ft. (4 Bedroom + Servant Room) {Golf/Forest Facing}


Construction Link Plan: Rs. 2150/- (With Inaugural Discount Rs. 100/-)
Flexi Link Plan: Rs. 2050/- (With Inaugural Discount Rs. 100/-)

Affordable Price: Price inclusive of 1 Car Parking, Electric Substation Charges, FFC, EDC, 2 KVA Power Backup, Lease Rent, and Club Membership.

Other Charges:

IFMS Rs. 15/- PSF, PLC (Golf/Forest) Rs. 350/- PSF, PLC (Green Belt) Rs. 150/- PSF

Possession: 2 Years.
Cheque in the favour of PARAMOUNT VILLAS PVT. LTD.

Pls. view the attachment for your reference & feel free to call back or write in further..

Thank You & Assuring you of our best services at all times.

Saurabh Sood
Shri Krishan Estates
G-1, Krishna Apra Golf View Plaza,
Alpha Commercial Belt, Greater Noida
9873714970, 9899212600

Our World revolves around two things – Committed Service & the Client.

Pensicola – the tiny fishing village in Spain is now the most preferred tourist spot

Yes, it was just a fishing village till recently. This fishing village located near Valencia has found a place on the tourist map of Europe. This transformation has been possible because of the efforts of the Government of Spain; which has taken a keen interest in harnessing the beautiful nature around this village. Now Pensicola is a stunningly beautiful place and tourists flock to this tiny village to enjoy their holiday.

In fact, now Pensicola has become so popular that the village is overcrowded with tourists, particularly during the summer days. The unbelievably beautiful Pensicola beach is always the first preferred destination among tourists. The vast beach with clear sea water and a beautiful environment is the most ideal place to enjoy and relax. In fact, Pensicola is a busy port also. However, for the benefit of tourists, a separate place has been identified on the beach where they can relax and are not disturbed by the busy port. The port has many hotels and bars where tourists can enjoy their food and drink in the midst of this beautiful nature. The beach is fully equipped with many water and beach sports. It is considered an ideal place for those who want to swim and enjoy boating.

Apart from the popular beach, Pensicola has many other places which would be of interest for the tourist. The castle, for example, would merit a visit by every tourist. It is believed that this castle was built in the year 1423. It has received extensive repair work and is now converted into a hotel and a tourist resort. Tourists are of course allowed to visit the castle during specific hours.

The other place to visit is the beautiful lighthouse. This is one of the oldest lighthouses in Spain and is in use even to this day. Here also, tourists are allowed to visit during specific hours.

The annual international film festival is another important event held in Pensicola. This village is a popular shopping centre also. Apart from textiles, works of art and artifacts are sold here. There are many luxurious villas and apartments where the tourist can comfortably stay. The hotels serve the most delicious cuisine. The village can be reached by ferry and by air. It is also very well connected by road and railway. For those who want to spend their holiday in a beautiful environment, Pensicola is the most ideal place.

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Best Villa Rental in Barbados

Any visitor or traveler especially those moving to an overseas or foreign land will always have some concern about the suitability of accommodation in such place. When it comes to choosing the most suitable accommodation at the most competitive prices in the island heaven Barbados, the necessity becomes even more acute for such visitor or traveler. However, there are some classy holiday rentals Barbados that can serve the purpose of the visitor in an excellent manner. In addition; there is also the option to go for Barbados villa rental at the most competitive prices.

What to Look For There are certain things that the prospective client may look for in the rentals in the island of Barbados. Most visitors will like seclusion and privacy along with some of the best staff services in the holiday or villa they have rented. Villas and holidays that offer the combination of the cynic pleasantries of nature coupled with modern amenities are the best bets for the prospective client. Over and above; the client will look forward to having Barbados holiday rentals at the price that will suit with their budget and will not bleed them financially white while also catering to most of their requirements.

Best Villas in Barbados Some of the Barbados villa rental has already earned good reputation in the client circles since they provide the ideal combination of everything that the prospective clients would desire. An example is the 4-bedroom and 4-bathroom villa Teamington Pavilion that offers all the modern amenities that are available in an upscale hotel. Established in 1950 the villa was renovated in 2005 and has excellent dining spaces. A separate and secluded guest cottage is the ideal abode for those looking for privacy. Among many good things it offers perfect beach vacations for family trips and various outlets for enjoyment and relaxation in form of swimming pool, gazebos, gym, and tennis court.

Another villa that offers perfect beach vacation is the Aquamarine at the Mullins Beach, St. Peter. Located on the edge of water with 3-bedrooms and 2-baths, it is the ideal place for watching the sunset over the ocean.

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Advantages Of Staying In A Serviced Villa Or Apartment At Goa

Goa has a soul which goes beyond the beauty of the sun, sand and sea, it goes deep into its unique history, rich culture and breathtaking natural scenery. Goa boasts about its rich culture which is a blend of Indian and Iberian European style central squares and Indian bazaars, Portuguese churches sharing their walls with Hindu temples.

The tourist destination of Goa in India is now a hot spot for tourists not only from Europe or the Americas but even Russia. The virgin beaches offering the warm Goa sun and the tropical setting with a good infrastructure, makes it an ideal destination.

It is hence rightly referred to as the Pearl of the Orient and is now a global hot spot for tourists round the year. The tourist has a wide choice of accommodation right from star hotels to serviced villas and apartments at Goa. The hotels are spread all over Goa offering various options for all kinds of budgets.

Serviced Holiday Rental properties are equally popular amongst the Goa travelers. However, most tourists to Goa who stay in the hotels apparently are not aware of the advantages that a serviced Goa Vacation property can offer to them, and make their Goa holiday even more memorable.

Private serviced apartment or villa accommodation offers you, your family and friends a true Goa atmosphere, more space, more comfort, more informality, more privacy, and more personal service. Renting a private villa or apartment is great value. When calculated on a per bedroom or per person basis and considering all the “extras” one has to pay in a hotel, a private villa vacation is significantly cheaper than staying at a luxury hotel or resort.

Expenses for food and drink, snacks, laundry, printing and faxes etc. are charged at cost and therefore much lower compared to a hotel where they can easily double or triple your bill. Staying at a serviced villa or apartment at Goa also offers you the flexibility of cooking and eating your own food at your own time irrespective of the fixed restaurant timings in most hotels. Most serviced villas and apartments at Goa have fully furnished kitchens with utensils, microwave, refrigerator and even gas.

Most of the vacation rental properties at Goa are close to the beach and even have an in house swimming pool apart from all modern amenities including TV and Wifi connectivity. They do offer a gated and secured complex with round the clock security as well

Serviced villas and apartments at Goa also offer a flexible check in and check out timing and normally charge on the night stay rather than the 12 Noon deadline most hotels follow. Most properties offer a pick up and drop to the airport at Goa and the Railway station.

All in all a serviced villa or an apartment is a good option for a Goa tourist as compared to a stay in a Hotel at Goa

Arihant Villa Viviana Way Of Life

ARIHANT HOUSING embraces you to a utopian way of life known as VILLA VIVIANA. Arihant Apartment Viviana is charming marketers where inner serenity is found and adequate areas where parties are around every corner. This venture provides you abundant turfs where relaxed atmosphere flowers to backyards and where relationship looms. At Arihant Villa Viviana you can see rapturous scenery immediately out of a desire and splendid luxuries intended for the creme de la creme means people of the greatest social level. Arihant Villa Viviana situated among perfect designed methods and looking over a extraordinary hilly geography, this lot is home to expansive villa and apartments enclave.

Arihant Villa Viviana is tactically placed at Maraimalai Nagar, G.S.T Street, Chennai. Maraimalai Nagar is a suburban area of the the southern part of Native indian town of Chennai. Maraimalai Nagar and its close areas are described as “New Chennai” by the press, as a result of recent business development around this area. It’s a Satellite tv town developed by CMDA within the Year 1980. Before that it was a woodlands area. This town is established and known as as Maraimalai Nagar for the memorial of Maraimalai Adigalar, a contemporary age Tamil poet. Several hefty sectors are placed in Maraimalai Nagar. The Honda Indian and BMW vehicle sectors is located within a distance of Maraimalai Nagar and the Native indian software biggies Infosys also has an office within eight miles of Maraimalai Nagar. Also SRM school has its main school in potheri. Maraimalai Nagar has the location advantage in terms of transport system. The town is well linked by railway and road, Chennai – Dindigul Nationwide Freeway No.45 goes through the town. Chennai-Trichy Broad-gauge train lines goes through the town. Maraimalai Nagar is becoming the most important personal area between Tambaram and Chengalpet because of the IT companies in and around Maraimalai Nagar like Accenture, Honda, Mahindra Globe City and SEZ.

This venture is nestled away in the charming borders of Chennai is a stylish property for those who desire a residing encounter fit for the gods. As this venture is wrapped by relaxing natural views and endowed with a variety of enjoyment actions, the Arihant Villa Viviana is wonder arena of types and is a desire come true for those who have ever imagined of residing an prosperous and magnificent way of life. Fully full of globe’s best services and features like Personal Drop Share, Pied-a-terre for visitor, In the open air cusine, Pets Structure, Fragrance garden and restorative facilities and many more…

Backed by marketers with wide encounter of development, we progressed into corporation – Arihant Fundamentals & Property Ltd in 1995. Arihant Fundamentals and Property Restricted is a public limited organization detailed on the Bombay Inventory Return (BSE) and Nationwide Inventory Return (NSE) and has had an excellent reputation of over 25 decades in the property market. With improvements of over six thousand sq.ft across personal and commercial area and another 16 thousand sq.ft of approaching tasks in the next four decades, Arihant Villa Viviana is part of battling effort to convert life through advancement. Since then the organization has modified the sky line of Chennai, with interest for unique structural principles and offer people a innovative office with contemporary quality way of life. It has linked with international market management for development such as Larsen and Turbocompresseur, Combined Construction Range Restricted and Simplex Projects Restricted. Arihant also alliances with worldwide gamers for structure and landscape designs Developers Team 3, Taib Surroundings Facilities Pvt. Ltd, PDAA Surroundings Developers, CPG Professionals Personal Restricted.

A Cortijo Is As Good As A Villa In Spain

To most buyers, the mention of a villa in Spain brings forth the image of a luxurious and separate property that has its own independent existence. Most villas are in fact set up on its own plot of land. The plot is usually located in places which offers a great view and has its own pool.

In Spain, there are two other types of properties which have the characteristics and the looks of a villa but are known by different names. They are known by the Spanish names of Cortijos and Fincas. There are some differences between a villa and a Cortijo. It is important to know what these terms mean because when you are searching for a villa in Spain, the results can also include terms such as Fincas and Cortijos which can be confusing.

The most basic difference between a villa and a cortijo is that a villa is similar to an old farmhouse or an independent house in the countryside. A cortijo on the other hand will be more inland and distinctly away from the sea. It also will have more rustic features than a Spanish villa. It is not uncommon to find cortijos as a form of converted farm buildings or ruins. As a rule they are always isolated and will be seen in their own separate plots. Views from a cortijo can be spectacular and can be one of its biggest selling points.

There are however some key issues that must be looked into before you negotiate for a cortijo. These are issues that you might not be asking at all if you are buying a villa in Spain but with a cortijo they assume great significance. These are issues related to basic amenities such as water and electricity. Most of the cortijos do not have mains water and mains electricity supply as they are often converted structures. You may also have to bring in your own telephone and internet connection. These are factors that can necessitate huge additional expenses over and above the cost of the cortijo.

It is also important to enquire about the title deeds and find out whether the building has been accurately described in the deeds. Any cortijo that fulfils all the above conditions and comes with a sizeable plot can be a great buy. In fact such a cortijo can be as good as a villa in Spain.

Oudom Angkor Villa – Siem Reap Villa

We offer our clients a great overnight accommodation with a variety of features with the proper value. Oudom Angkor Villa is located for the core route involving the community, current market plus the Temple pond, it is a best decision for individuals who want a calm stay in close proximity to most vital areas. Common vehicles run to all major like searching, ancient current market, financial and night time market (Local market is close to the particular hotel). Oudom Angkor Siem Reap Villa, a fresh remodeled good guest house Siem Reap using an existing Khmer style Villa. It is situated in the heart of Siem Reap community. Stay with us all you will enjoy a genuine activities services from our workers which has a lots of profit offer including no cost pickup via bus or international airport, free of charge world wide web in addition to absolutely free turn down services.

The normal room is completely air-conded along with huge foyer seatting facing each and every room which includes terrace Terre sofa, stand can be wooden with city sight. room size as much as 28sqm, All bedrooms having full prepared establishments in room since cable TV, IDD cell phone, Awesome in addition to hot water, house slippers, ) as well as a really competing value and that is appropriate.

Direction by air port or perhaps car location you could let us a person about you arrival period you will pick up anyone by simply no cost of charge. If you want to receiving in this article on your own you should tell your driver carry someone to Oudom Angkor Villa the place is Ta phull community plus opposing zone one club. From your property in order to Angkor Wat. Just one or two kms north west on the city are among the planets most amazing temple reasons. Planet heritage near by. Sunset from Bakheng mountain/hill, Tonle Sap river, Angkor Wat, Floating town, Bayon temples or wats, Ta Phrum in addition to silk farm.

Angkor is one of the most vital archaeological locations within South-East Asia. It has the spectacular remains from the various capitals in the Khmer Disposition, through the Ninth towards the 15th hundreds of years. Typically the effect of Khmer fine art, while created from Angkor, was obviously a serious one above much of South-East Parts of asia plus played a significant purpose in the distinctive development. Khmer structure progressed generally from that of the Indian subcontinent, from where it eventually grew to become evidently distinct since it created its very own unique attributes, a few individually progressed as well as others acquired coming from neighbouring social cultures. The actual result was obviously an innovative inventive intervalle within oriental artwork together with architecture.

At the beginning of the particular 9th hundred years both the places of which protected typically the place of recent Cambodia had been unified by Jayavarman II, who placed the footings on the Khmer Empire, the vitality within south-east Asian countries for a few five generations. One of the sites was in central Cambodia, to the north regarding Tonle Sap (Great Lake), wherever half a hundred years afterwards Jayavarman’s child, Yashovarman, was going to create Yashodapura (later called Angkor), the everlasting capital city with the Khmer Empire before the 15th millennium.

The initial city conformed while using classic kind of Khmer main city along with certain important factors: the defensive base and pitch which has an express temple in its centre, built from stone or stone, plus a wooden building. Presently there would certainly have already been several luxurious buildings, made nearly totally regarding wooden, in and around typically the enceinte. Their state temple at Roluos, the particular Bakong, plus the temple built-in will on the noble ancestors, Preah Ko, were built all around 880. An additional necessary characteristic of an Khmer capital city, a substantial reservoir, has been added a decade later, within its hub a 3rd temple designed to the north-west regarding Roluos, around the mountain regarding Phnom Bakeng, right now known as the Far eastern Baray.