How to make a dorm room cozier: 5 tips

Typically, a college dormitory room is quite unpretentious and is not very beautiful since there is absolutely no home comfort in it: they look like either hospital wards or prison cells and your future roommate might not be the best person in the world. However, this infographic helps to choose roommates and who knows, maybe you will get lucky!

So, do you still want to live in a dorm? If so, these tips might help you make your room cozy and make you feel in it like home.

  1. Do not part with your things.

Fill your room with things that really you like. This may seem obvious, but it is worth to mention that you will be the happiest person in the hostel if your room is furnished with your favorite things. In other words, you just need to drag into your new residence your brother’s old quilt or towels that you found in the attic of your parents’ house. Make an effort to find the worthwhile things that you really want to take with you.

  1. Use the space wisely

At best, your room will be slightly smaller than the room in which you grew up; in the worst case, it will be the size of a closet or a European phone booth. No matter how much space you have available, use every square centimeter to the maximum. For example, buy plastic boxes for things that can be hidden under a table or bed. It is also desirable not to bring with you all the sweaters you bought in the eighth grade. The more things you bring the less space you will have.

  1. Cleanness

Now that you have furnished your room, you should keep it clean. No one is forcing you to spend every day of your life cleaning it, but you just need to make sure there is no scattered clothing and food wrappers in your room. When a room is clean, it seems spacious and bright and just prettier, therefore, it will be much nicer for you to spend time in it.

  1. Light

It is common knowledge that the lighting in a dorm room is awful: it is either so bright that you get a headache, or it is so dim that you feel like a mole in a burrow. Think about your own lighting. For example, garlands can be used not only during Christmas, and a night-lamp is not considered childish. If the only source of light is a working laptop in your room (and this happens quite often), you can spoil eyesight pretty fast.

  1. Blank walls are boring

Nothing makes a dormitory room resemble a prison cell as badly as bare white walls that sometimes can be found in some cheap commercial real estate buildings where people work 24/7. Therefore, you should find an interesting way for you to enrich them. Hang pictures of your loved ones or postcards from your travels – whatever makes you smile.

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