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Renting a Condo for Your Business Trip

Makati, with a population well over half a million, is the financial center of the Philippines. In fact, Makati bustles with so much business and corporate activity that its population more than doubles during the daytime, regularly overtaking the one million milestonemark during standard business trading hours. Countless major banks and corporations use Makati as a base, as do numerous department stores and retail chains, and international business relations occur in Makati on a daily basis. It is one of the cities comprising the Metro Manila region and has an international reputation as a shopping hub.

Makati is an increasingly attractive location and has been more or less continuously on the rise since the end of the Second World War. Although the city was devastated by the war in the Pacific, it rebuilt quickly and both foreign and local investment saw the city boom not only as a commercial and financial center but as a site of unparalleled property development and investment.

Culture and Makati

For those visiting Makati on business, it can be a great boon to engage with some of the city’s sporting, historical and cultural landmarks. The Santa Ana racetrack is one such landmark, currently being transformed into a multi-purpose development which will feature retail outlets, apartments and even a FIFA-sized football field for the use of visiting international teams and practicing locals.

The long colonial history of the Philippines has left numerous landmarks belonging not only to native Filipino culture but to that of the colonizing Spanish. For example, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Niño de la Paz were built during the Spanish era, and still stand today as a testament to the influence of Spanish culture on modern-day Makati. Pre-Spanish cultural artifacts may also be observed in the various fine arts and historical museums scattered throughout the city.

Although many Filipinos and foreigners alike make the commute in and out of Makati to shop, do business or simply go to work, renting condos in Makati is a popular choice for visiting professionals. The cost of renting a condo ranges from thirteen thousand (13,000) Philippine pesos for a thirty square meter space to one hundred and seventy-five thousand (175,000) for condos approaching three hundred square meters.

Makati and Property

The advantages of renting a space within Makati are numerous. It greatly diminishes commute time (imagine being stuck in traffic with several million commuters – some estimates of Makati’s daytime population exceeds three million!) and allows renters to explore the city’s vibrant culture without the immense weight of millions of people crowding Makati’s streets, cafés and shopping centers. Renting property in Makati allows both visitors to the commercial capital and its residents to comfortably do business while in the city without the hassle of organizing a hotel or having to make the daily trip in and out of the Central Business District.

Popular choices include renting condo spaces within existing hotels, such as the Four Seasons or Ritz. The Ayala Triangle, the beating heart of Makati’s business world, is by far the best location for visiting business people to rent and be close to all of Makati’s action.